Idyllic? I Wish!

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Welcome to 'Idylla'

Idylla - Perfect.

The opposite of what my life is like. This is actually the hostname of my laptop - I found it by searching baby names and this name seemed to appeal to me. I didn't know what it meant until after finding it.

My name is Dave, I currently reside in Bournemouth, UK.

Quick life history

I was born on the 12th of September 1983, in the town of Stockport, UK. Shortly after being born, my parents and I moved to the Netherlands to a town called Lisse. There I lived for the first 5 years of my life, and also in 1986 my brother Daniel was born. During my time there I spoke fluent dutch and english. After those 5 years we moved back to Stockport and were there temporarily for just less than a year, until my father got a job in Bristol (UK). We moved to a small town called "Thornbury" just north of Bristol.

From there it has all been pretty much boring. I went to Manorbrook Infant School, followed by the Primary School building on the same site. After finishing my years there, I moved about 200 metres down the road to Thornbury Castle School. From there I finished my GCSE's with all my results being A*-C grade (more in the higher band). After this I moved another 500 metres up the road to the Castle School Sixth Form. There I took AVCE IT, AVCE Business Studies and Maths A-Level. Two years later and I completed those courses, attaining an A grade in IT, and a C grade in Business and Maths.

All of my academic results up to this point have been achieved with very little effort. If I'd been 'bothered' to put massive effort into those subjects I could have easily attained the best grades, but I severely lack motivation - and still do. My attendance for my courses in the last year was appalling to say the least - I barely showed up to lessons apart from my Maths lessons which I put more effort into due to my first year being sabotaged by a certain teacher whom lacked the skills to teach an A-Level class.

After achieving these results I moved onto Bournemouth University. I am currently studying "Software Engineering Management" and am currently onto my 3rd year, where I am supposed to be on my placement, but because I don't have a placement I am currently working part-time-ish at Asda Castlepoint.

Well that's the basic life-history. This will be updated with more particular details as I write this blog. I wonder how the word 'blog' came to be? A future subject me thinks.



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