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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

How does this voting work then?

So then, I don't particularly understand the UK voting system either, doesn't quite make that much sense. TBH, every single unique vote should be counted, and these votes should decide which party gets into government. So in the US you have 51 states, and each of those has a number of 'seats' or similar units. And all the figures that I'm seeing, are saying that in order for a candidate to win, he must have 270 of these seats.

To decide who wins each seat, from what I've just heard on BBC, it appears that they 'call' these votes before they've even officially counted them all. It appears through some half-arsed-method they use the exit polls (asking people on their way out), as well as actual counted votes until an amount that can show the result one way or another can be decided, when the state is called.

So from how I see it works, it doesn't matter how many of the seats within a state the candidate gets, all it matters is that they have a higher proportion of seats, and they get all of the seats for that state? It really doesn't make that much sense to be honest. Also as just stated on the news, with such a big country, you aren't exactly voting on smaller issues. Your first outstanding factor will be (in this election), the war(s). Such a major issue can severely bias an election to just war issues, which makes it seem that the election actually means anything.

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