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Friday, November 05, 2004


OK this is just a quick one since its 1:53am and I want to be up early in the morning. Basically, what a suprise Bush got back into government, and although its not the best soloution overall, given what state the country is in, it's better that he continue and finish things up than someone else come in and make a bigger hash up of it.

So american election over. Maybe get onto my life then? Well today I did fuck all. Well nearly, I started off playing cs for several hours with some IRC chat inbetween. After this at 5pm I decided to be partially constructive and tidied my room. Its now alot better and I even cleaned the blood stains off the carpet - more on this in a later post.

Its now time for my bed, and also the next three days all contain shitty work :(

Au revoir,


Wednesday, November 03, 2004

US Presidential Elections #2

So after waking this morning, there is still no decision about whom is the new president of the USA. From the preliminary results, its pretty clear that Bush has won, since he has an apparently large majority in the remaining state - Ohio. The other two undecided states do not have enough seats to sway the decision either way, so it all depends on Ohio. The Bush party is still going strong, whereas nearly all the people at the Kerry one have left already, which is really an admission of loss, but without actually stating it.

Bush it is then.


How does this voting work then?

So then, I don't particularly understand the UK voting system either, doesn't quite make that much sense. TBH, every single unique vote should be counted, and these votes should decide which party gets into government. So in the US you have 51 states, and each of those has a number of 'seats' or similar units. And all the figures that I'm seeing, are saying that in order for a candidate to win, he must have 270 of these seats.

To decide who wins each seat, from what I've just heard on BBC, it appears that they 'call' these votes before they've even officially counted them all. It appears through some half-arsed-method they use the exit polls (asking people on their way out), as well as actual counted votes until an amount that can show the result one way or another can be decided, when the state is called.

So from how I see it works, it doesn't matter how many of the seats within a state the candidate gets, all it matters is that they have a higher proportion of seats, and they get all of the seats for that state? It really doesn't make that much sense to be honest. Also as just stated on the news, with such a big country, you aren't exactly voting on smaller issues. Your first outstanding factor will be (in this election), the war(s). Such a major issue can severely bias an election to just war issues, which makes it seem that the election actually means anything.

?Confused? - I am hence this garbage,


Weblog? Blog? We Blog? states the following for "weblog":

Main Entry: weblog
Function: noun
Definition: a personal Web site that provides updated headlines and news articles of other sites that are of interest to the user, also may include journal entries, commentaries and recommendations compiled by the user; also written web log, Weblog; also called blog
Usage: computing also states this simplified version for "blog":


n : a shared on-line journal where people can post diary entries about their personal experiences and hobbies [syn: web log]

So there you go. Pretty much what I thought it was going to be! :)


US Presidential Elections

George BushJohn Kerry

I'm currently watching the BBC coverage of the US Presidential Elections, which coincidently is being streamed over the internet because its more reliable than trying to watch it over freeview digital. At first, after knowing what the USA have been doing during the war in Iraq, and the previous occurrences of the last few years I was firmly against George Bush and believed that he should have been "completely thrown out of government".

Following this decision I also watched the documentary "Fahrenheit 911" - by Michael Moore. After watching this I was even more against George Bush and his re-election. His first actions during the events of 911 disgusted me, and he should have been more pro-active to the situation. Even BBC news in the UK paid more attention to the disaster than he did.

So until recently my feelings were what a lot of people were feeling; along the lines of "Anything but Bush". This was based on the previous two paragraphs. However, looking at the opposition, of which there is only one other candidate who has a chance to compete - John Kerry. This man seems to be 'worse' than Bush. Watching him on TV he is even less committal to his decisions than Bush. His policies actually seemed to be based on Bush's policies with certain details changed. He was also trying to state things that would just 'please' others that oppose Bush. Changing policies to appease voters may be a simple tactic for gaining voters, but the changes that he is proposing are unlikely to be beneficially, let alone plausible.

After reading so much material recently, I have changed my mind back to George W. Bush. Looking back at him, he hasn't been that bad of a president. I think that trying to remove terrorists from the world is a noble thing to do, although maybe its not his responsibility.

Removing Saddam Hussein was the right thing to do, whether or not he had weapons of mass destruction (hereafter named: WMD). The fact is that if he had been truthful maybe other countries would have trusted him and maybe he would have stayed as 'president' or 'dictator' or whatever term you wish for him.

However, after the tragedy of 911 there comes the issue of Osama Bin Laden (Hereafter OBL). OBL was identified as the perpetrator of the 911 attacks, and this started the US' assault on terrorism. However after a period of time, Afghanistan was 'released' from his control, and OBL suddenly disappeared, apparently into some random mountain range. Shortly after this occurrence the USA suddenly shifted its war onto Iraq and its supposed WMDs. Since then how much have you heard about OBL? Well the answer as far as I'm concerned is: "Jack Shit". That is until the other day... Suddenly Aljazeera TV releases a video apparently from OBL which shows him making more threats against the USA. This brings a really important point back into the medias attention : Where is OBL? All this time, all this money (tax payers!), and the world's #1 enemy is still at large. Saddam Hussein has been removed from power, Iraq is under USA control, as is Afghanistan, yet OBL remains at large. The question really remains - is there something more sinister about the whole OBL issue???

So after all my blabbing about a country I don't actually reside in, if given a vote for whom is to be the president of the USA, I would have to vote for George W. Bush, if only because the opposing candidate is actually worse. (Much like I'd vote for Tony Blair again, only because the opposition is actually worse). Choice of two evils it seems.

So who will win the US presidency? In hours (hopefully), we will find out the next president of the United States of America.

Welcome to 'Idylla'

Idylla - Perfect.

The opposite of what my life is like. This is actually the hostname of my laptop - I found it by searching baby names and this name seemed to appeal to me. I didn't know what it meant until after finding it.

My name is Dave, I currently reside in Bournemouth, UK.

Quick life history

I was born on the 12th of September 1983, in the town of Stockport, UK. Shortly after being born, my parents and I moved to the Netherlands to a town called Lisse. There I lived for the first 5 years of my life, and also in 1986 my brother Daniel was born. During my time there I spoke fluent dutch and english. After those 5 years we moved back to Stockport and were there temporarily for just less than a year, until my father got a job in Bristol (UK). We moved to a small town called "Thornbury" just north of Bristol.

From there it has all been pretty much boring. I went to Manorbrook Infant School, followed by the Primary School building on the same site. After finishing my years there, I moved about 200 metres down the road to Thornbury Castle School. From there I finished my GCSE's with all my results being A*-C grade (more in the higher band). After this I moved another 500 metres up the road to the Castle School Sixth Form. There I took AVCE IT, AVCE Business Studies and Maths A-Level. Two years later and I completed those courses, attaining an A grade in IT, and a C grade in Business and Maths.

All of my academic results up to this point have been achieved with very little effort. If I'd been 'bothered' to put massive effort into those subjects I could have easily attained the best grades, but I severely lack motivation - and still do. My attendance for my courses in the last year was appalling to say the least - I barely showed up to lessons apart from my Maths lessons which I put more effort into due to my first year being sabotaged by a certain teacher whom lacked the skills to teach an A-Level class.

After achieving these results I moved onto Bournemouth University. I am currently studying "Software Engineering Management" and am currently onto my 3rd year, where I am supposed to be on my placement, but because I don't have a placement I am currently working part-time-ish at Asda Castlepoint.

Well that's the basic life-history. This will be updated with more particular details as I write this blog. I wonder how the word 'blog' came to be? A future subject me thinks.